Meet the GoodByeWorld Games Team

Will Hellwarth

Game Director & Lead Engineer

Will is a game designer, programmer, and fanatic. A nerd since birth, growing up modding until he grew up and decided that games were the medium of his life. Inspired by nature and by things that can never exist, Will aims to bring light to the unknown and the undiscovered for the benefit of everyone, not just those who already play games.



John Billingsley

Lead Designer 

John Billingsley is an aspiring game designer and LA native. John is currently attending   Case Western Reserve University, finishing his degree in computer science. John is interested in the competitive psychology that arises from player versus player interactions, and how games   can be used to express feelings or emotions that are harder to simply put into words. It is John’s hope that through playing games, people will be opened up to new viewpoints,   patterns of thinking, and understanding.          

Graham Parkes

Lead Writer

Graham is a playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, and independent game designer from Los Angeles. His works include Offering (Naked Angels), The Writer (Young Playwrights Inc.), The Tutor (LA Shorts Festival), and the tabletop game Kulak (IndieCade Finalist 2013).


Oliver Lewin

Producer & Composer

Hailing from Santa Monica, California, Oliver is Close Your's producer as well as the Composer of its score. He studied music at The New School in New York City and has scored award-winning short films and games, as well as all of Close Your's previous versions.

Griffin Libby-Bleser

Art Director

Griffin will be overseeing all aspects of Close Your’s aesthetic overhaul. A commercial designer and illustrator based in Santa Monica, Griffin has been doing visual development with Goodbyeworld Games for longer than he can remember.

Pat Bayles


Pat Bayles is a Seattle-based game designer. He studied Interactive Media and Games at USC, and is drawn to the unique storytelling opportunities of video games, and the social aspects of multiplayer gaming. 


Richard Beare

Designer / Engineer

From the Great White North (i.e. Canada), Richard spends his  days as an electrical engineer. When not hitting the gym or preventing in-lab electrical fires, game development keeps Rich dreaming and inspired. Richard's interest in games began as a child staring through the monochrome-green tube monitor of his Dad's Apple IIc. It wasn't long before a childhood curiosity turned into a lifelong passion for computers and gaming. Working on Close Your is a thrill and Rich is eager to share it with the world.